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There Will Be Fire will be published in the US and the UK, where it is titled Killing Thatcher, on 4 April 2023
“The Brighton bombing of 1984 was arguably the most potent attempt to decapitate the British state since the Gunpowder Plot. Rory Carroll’s brilliant reconstruction combines the heart-stopping intensity of a great thriller with an acute exploration of the political context. This was a moment on which history turned and Carroll brings it alive for us in all its horror, drama and humanity.”

Fintan O’Toole, author of We Don’t Know Ourselves
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A peek at the book
"A light breeze salted the Brighton seafront when the taxi carrying Patrick Magee pulled up outside the Grand Hotel. It was just after noon on September 15, 1984, and it felt like the last day of summer. Sunshine burned through a residue of clouds, warming the pebbles on the beach. The English Channel glistened, serene. The Grand soared over King’s Road like an overstuffed wedding cake, eight stories of eaves, cornices, and Victorian elaboration coated cream and white. A Union Jack fluttered from the roof. Built for aris­tocrats, it had hosted kings and presidents and film stars. Soon it would host Margaret Thatcher—and Magee had come to kill her..."
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