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Oct 02
7.30 pm
Sexto Piso y Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl presentan:
"Comandante: la Venezuela de Hugo Chávez" de Rory Carroll

El periodista y autor de estas crónicas estará conversando con el director del diario "El Nuevo Mexicano", Javier Solórzano.


​​Dirección: Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl, Citlaltépetl 25, Col. Condesa. Ciudad de México.


Oct 04
9.00 pm
Hay Festival Xalapa 2013
"Comandante: la Venezuela de Hugo Chávez" Rory Carroll en conversación con Diego Rabasa

El periodista y autor Rory Carroll en conversación con Diego Rabasa .


Dirección: Sala Casa del Lago, Xalapa. México.

Rory Carroll in the NEWS 


​Radio and TV

  • La Cola Feliz. Sept 24, 2013 (Venezuela) - Rory Carroll: “Chavez fue perfecto en su papel" 

Rory Carroll on Chavez legacy - CNN


Mar. 30- Virgilio Notizie - Italy

La storia segreta di Hugo Chavez. Nel testo di Carroll la parabola di uno dei leader piu' discussi... read more

Feb. 26 - "One reason Venezuela's jails are in bloody anarchy : 

Chavez poached the penal service's one competent director to head his Twitter account." One of many Rory Carroll's many nuggets his new book "Comandante". See the whole discussion at the Frontline Club in London in this video clip​.

Jan. 6 -El Mercurio - Chile                                                              

Rory Carroll, author of Comandante: "Maduro es la mejor opción del Chavismo para mantener el poder"El periodista británico cree que el Vicepresidente no es el político más preparado para el cargo, pero si es "ambicioso, astuto y aprende rápido... read more​

Dec. 30/2012 - Venezuela Europa                                                     

Rory Carroll and the Comandante

Quite a lot of people, whether left or right, have no interest whatsoever in learning about how things are in a given place but how things fit in their scheme of ideas. The Guardian is a left newspaper... read more


May 06

7.00 pm

World Affairs Council: ​ Venezuela in the Post Chavez era

"On March 5 Hugo Chávez passed away after succumbing to a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a complex legacy, a political movement often referred to as ‘Chavismo.’ Many around the world mourned the loss of the leader, while others looked ahead to a new future for Venezuela. Indeed his rise to fame and eventual occupation of Venezuela’s most powerful position was nothing short of legendary.​​.. ​Rory Carroll, the former Latin America Bureau Chief for The Guardian, is well positioned to speak about the future of Venezuela after Chávez.​"​


​Bookings: Register for this event here

              Members: free; non-members : $15; students $5 

              World Affairs Council. 312 Sutter Street, Suite 200. San Francisco, CA94108

Feb 28

6.30 pm

Bristol Festival of Ideas: Rory Carroll - Bristol, UK

Discussion hosted by Foyles bookshop

Bristol Festival of Ideas, in association with The Observer, will present Rory Carroll and his book Comadante, Inside Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, at a free admission event in the Cabot Circus Foyles bookshop. Prebooking is required. You need to show your ticket at the door and be ready to take your place by 6.20pm.


             6 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol, BS1 3BU.

             +44 (0)117 3763975.

Feb 26

7:00 pm

Chavez Legacy - London, UK                                                              

Panel discussion hosted by the Frontline Club


"Provoking adoration and revulsion in equal measure, Hugo Chavez is a leader like no other. In October last year his loyal supporters came out to vote him back into office for his fourth presidential term. In his new book Comandante acclaimed journalist Rory Carroll sheds light on the inside story of Chavez’s life and his political court in Caracas. He will join the New Yorker’s Jon Lee Anderson and others to ask after more than 13 years in power what will Chavez’s legacy be".


      +44 (0)20 7479 8940


Mar 07

3.30 pm


World Affairs 2103 - San Francisco, US

Session "Left leaning Latin America: Understanding US policy in the region" 

In 2004, the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas was established under the leadership of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Several countries from Latin America and the Caribbean signed on, including Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. This seemed to have ushered in the era of a left-leaning Latin America that is a greater challenge for US policy in the region. How have these leftist governments in Latin America fared, and how has US policy toward the region adapted? Rory will be share the podium with Michael Shifter, President, Inter-American Dialogue and Julia Sweig, Director of Latin America Studies. Carroll's Participation was canceled due to unexpected trip to Venezuela after notice of Chavez death.


             The St. Regis San Francisco, 125 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 941033

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